The 3rd Global Governance Seminar

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We are pleased to announce a joint seminar to be held at Kyushu University, Toyo University and Seoul National University.
The three universities will present a lecture series titled New World Order: New Governance after/with COVID19 and the 2022 Ukraine Crisis. The lectures will be available in Japanese and English.

The third lecture will focus on COVID-19 and will be discussed from the perspectives of companies and international organizations.
First, Dr. Ishii will talk about CSR activities of Philippine companies under COVID-19, followed by Dr. Oyama who will examine Japan's development assistance policy under COVID-19.
We hope you will join us if you are interested.


Date 2022/6/05 19:00 ~ 2022/6/05 20:30
Method Zoom
Admission Fee Free
Contact Toru Oga (Faculty of Law)

Frow of the day

19:00-19:05 Opening
Tetsu OGA(Faculty of Law, Information Module-Q-AOS, Kyushu University)

19:05-19:35 Presentations
Risako ISHII (Faculty of Law, Kanagawa University)
"CSR Activities of Philippine Companies under COVID-19"

19:35-20:05 Presentations
Takatoshi OYAMA (Institute of Liberal Arts Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kyushu Institute of Technology)
"From 'Altruism' to 'Selfishness': The Shifting Process of Social Norms Framing Japan's Development Cooperation Policy"

20:05 - 20:30 Q&A