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Faculty / ResearcherToshinori TANAKA

Toshinori TANAKA Associate Professor

Toshinori TANAKA
  • Research Promotion Coordinator
  • Policy and Governance for Sustainability

Career Summary:

2002-2006: Graduated from Faculty of Letters, Osaka University

2006-2011: Master/Ph.D. in Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University

2011-2012: Project Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Law, Hokkaido University

2012-2018: Project Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo

2018-2021: Associate Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo

2021-now: Associate Professor, Institute for Asian and Oceania Studies, Kyushu University


  1. Policy and governance related to Nature/Culture Conservation: analysis of governance structures of protected areas that include people’s livelihood and human activities within the boundary (e.g. Japan’s National Parks, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, etc.). These new types of protected areas can be regarded as “living laboratories for sustainable development” in 21st century
  2. Implementation of International Environmental Agreements/Multilevel Governance (World Heritage Convention, Ramsar Convention, UNESCO MAB Programme, Flyway Partnership, etc.)
  3. Management of natural tourism resources especially on small islands; Yakushima, Amami, Okinawa, Taiwan, etc.
  4. Analysis of bureaucracy and administrative history related to sustainability

Relevant Countries in Asia & Oceania:

Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Palau, Indonesia, South Korea

Committee roles and Outreach activities:

Japanese Society for Public Administration (JSPA)

Public Policy Studies Association Japan (PPSAJ)

Japanese Association of Environmental Studies (JAES)

IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law (IUCN-WECL)

Japanese Coordinating Council for MAB (JCC-MAB)


Let’s establish a Creative Biosphere Region together. Itoshima peninsula is such a beautiful place to live; beautiful beaches, mountains, sunset and rich history all together. I organize “Beyond the boundary” lab inviting variety of people; high school students to post-doc researchers and entrepreneurs. Please feel free to contact me if interested. I love beaches, music, cinema together with beer, wine and fermented foods.

List of Selected Publications:

  1. 田中俊徳・蕭閎偉(2021)台湾・玉山国立公園における玉山登山道の利用ルールと実施構造に関する研究「人間と環境」47(1), 2-15
  2. 田中俊徳(2020)生物多様性と自然保護:世界遺産条約を中心として「環境法政策学会誌」23, 83-89
  3. Tanaka T (2019) Governance for Protected Areas “beyond the boundary” – A conceptual framework for biodiversity conservation in the Anthropocene. In Lim M. (Eds) Charting Environmental Law Futures in the Anthropocene, 71-79. Springer.
  4. 田中俊徳(2018)自然保護官僚の研究:技術官僚論に対する新たな視座「年報行政研究」53, 142-162
  5. Tanaka T and Wakamatsu N (2018) Analysis of the Governance Structures in Japan’s Biosphere Reserves: Perspectives from Bottom-Up and Multilevel Characteristics, Environmental Management 61 (1), 155-170
  6. 田中俊徳(2017-2018) 国立公園行政史の研究(1)-(5)「國立公園」757-761(連載)
  7. 田中俊徳・酒井章子編著(2017)「森林環境2017:森のめぐみと生物文化多様性」森林文化協会
  8. Havas J, Saito O, Hanaki K, Tanaka T (2016) Perceived Landscape Values in the Ogasawara Islands, Ecosystem Services 18, 130-140
  9. 田中俊徳(2016)ラムサール条約の国内実施における意思決定構造と情報共有の枠組み:公私協働ネットワークと部分社会ルールに着目して「人間と環境」42(1), 2-16
  10. 田中俊徳(2016)国際的な自然保護制度を対象とした国内ネットワークの比較研究‐世界遺産条約、ラムサール条約、ユネスコMAB計画、世界ジオパークネットワーク‐「日本生態学会誌」66(1), 155-164
  11. 田中俊徳(2015-2017)自然環境政策の最先端を探る(1)-(24)「グリーン・パワー」440-463 (連載)
  12. 田中俊徳(2014)「弱い地域制」を超えて:21世紀の国立公園ガバナンスを展望する「ランドスケープ研究」75(3), 226-229
  13. Tanaka T (2014) Implementing Sustainable Tourism in Complex Situations: A Case Study of Minami-jima in Ogasawara Islands, UNESCO World Heritage Paper Series 38, 68-75
  14. 田中俊徳(2014)自然観光資源の管理をめぐる順応的ガバナンスの研究:知床五湖利用調整地区導入における合意形成過程の事例「人間と環境」40 (3), 20-36
  15. Khew JYT, Yokohari M, Tanaka T (2014) Public Perception of Nature and Landscape Preference in Singapore, Human Ecology 42 (6), 979-988
  16. 田中俊徳(2012)ユネスコMAB計画の歴史的位置づけと国内実施における今後の展望「日本生態学会誌」62 (3), 393-399  
  17. 田中俊徳(2012)世界遺産条約の特徴と動向・国内実施「新世代法政策学研究」18, 48-65
  18. 田中俊徳(2012)弱い地域制としての日本の国立公園制度-行政部門における資源と権限の国際比較「新世代法政策学研究」17, 369-402
  19. 田中俊徳(2010)自然保護行政から考える新しい政治-舵取り、政策統合、ガバナンス「季刊 政策・経営研究」13, 103-111
  20. 田中俊徳(2009)世界遺産条約におけるグローバル・ストラテジーの運用と課題「人間と環境」35 (1), 3-11

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