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Two events in February


Two events , (1)"Online Education Symposium" , and (2)International Online Symposium "Beyond the Southern Barbarians:Repositioning Japan in the First Global Age" will be held in February.


【Hosting Event / Cultural Variation Cluster】Online Education Symposium

 In response to the spread of the coronavirus infection in 2020, online classes at universities were offered as a trial basis. For the purpose of sharing knowledge and know-how of online classes for future educational practice, practices of online classes are edited by Eriko Oshima, Yuto Koizumi, and Kennosuke Mogi (Lion Press, 2020), entitled “Discipline of Humanities and Sociology Online”. In addition, the second series of the publication for online classes is scheduled to be published. In this symposium, the authors / teachers of online classes are invited based on the first semester’s practice reports. We would like to discuss the progress and issues of online classes.

Date and Time February 4th, 2020, 13:00~18:00
Style ZOOM(URL for participating will be sent after applying)
Details Sponsored by Cutural Variation Cluster, Kyusyu Univerisity Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies(Q-AOS), Kyushu University
Co-sponsered by Lion Press
Co-sponsered by Center for Global Innovation Studies, Toyo University
Co-sponsered by Association for the Study of Political Sociey.Presentar:
Kennosuke MOGI (Tohoku University)
Yuto KOIZUMI (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Eriko Oshima (Kinjo Gakuin University)
Kumika IWATA (Kyoritsu Women’s University)
Nao TANAKA (Ritsumeikan University/Ryukoku University)
Yukako KATO (Nagoya University of Arts/Tokyo University of Welfare)
Shigeki SUZUKI (Tokyo University of Social Welfare)
Huang Wei Shu (University of Tokyo)
Tomofumi Nakazawa (Nanzan University)
Tomoyuki KUBO (Kyushu University)
Registration Form
Contact Toru Oga, Faculty of Law

Email: toga★※Please change ★ to @



【Supporting Event / Cultural Variation Cluster】
  International Online Symposium:
Beyond the Southern Barbarians:Repositioning Japan in the First Global Age

This international symposium explores Japan’s role in the First Global Age through a comprehensive and
interdisciplinary investigation of its cultural and intellectual production from about 1500 to 1700. Convening at Kyushu University, researchers from top-institutions around the world and from a wide disciplinary range will bridge the classical humanities (history, art history, literature, religious studies, intellectual history) and history of science (astronomy, cartography, military technology).

※Event Guidline(PDF File

Date February 6th (Sat) -February 18th (Thu), 2021 *5 times in total
Language English (Japanese simultaneous interpretation)
Style Online(Zoom)
※In order of arrival 500 people.
If exceed 500 people, you will be watching live stream.
(There is no simultaneous interpretation / question function)

* For details on each panel, please refer to the event guidelines(PDF).

Feb 6(Sat), 2021 6:00 AM – 9:30 AM Keynote Lecture:Yukio Lippit (Harvard University)“The Pictorial Cultures of Nanban”
Panel 1: Intellectual History
Feb 9(Tue), 2021 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Panel 2: Hybrid Meanings
Feb 11(Thu), 2021 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM Panel 3: Empire-Building and the Politics of Othering
Feb 16(Tue), 2021 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Panel 4: From Azuchi to Rome: The Tenshō Embassy and the Azuchi Screens
Feb 18(Thu), 2021 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM /17:00 PM – 19:00 PM Panel 5 Morning Session: Moving Objects, Styles, and Meanings


・Organized by Kyushu University’s Faculty of Humanities and Yale University’sCouncil on East Asian Studies
・Co-organized by Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies
・Funded by the Progress 100Research Hub for the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Knowledge, Kyushu University (RINK) Grant
・Sponsored by The Japan Art History Society and Kyushu University Collaborative Platform in Research and Education on Humanities and Social Sciences
Registration Please apply from a following form;* Each panel can be accepted until the day before.
* At a later date, we will send you a Zoom link and password to your e-mail address.
Contact Anton Schweizer(Faculty of Humanities, Kyushu University)

Email: schweizer★※Please change ★ to @)



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