Q-AOS Symposium 2022


This year’s Q-AOS Symposium will present a look at “resource recycling” across a two-day online/hybrid program that brings together speakers from Japan and abroad to present exciting topics across science and technology, biology, humanities and social sciences, and other multidisciplinary fields. This symposium is part of our efforts toward realizing a decarbonized society and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to protect the future of our planet. Through discussions and insights that transcend disciplinary boundaries, we expect to better understand the characteristics of how resources circulate throughout Asia and Oceania, share an awareness of the issues, and identify new areas of academic inquiry.

The first day will feature two keynote speeches aimed at carbon negativity—one on metal recycling and the other on biomass circulation—followed by a general discussion on short presentations facilitated by five experts in different fields. On the second day, guest speakers will deliver lectures that address both pressing issues that include plastic and lithium-ion battery recycling as well as visionary themes like exploring extraterrestrial resources. We have also planned three parallel group sessions to allow attendees to learn about the latest activities at Q-AOS. These hybrid sessions will feature lectures from new members of each cluster and look at topics that include the historical role of iron as a metal resource in the growth of modern nations.

After years of online interaction, we hope this symposium will mark an end to the lingering COVID pandemic and serve as a hybrid forum that offers new opportunities for international academic exchange and genuine discourse.

Creation of Resource Frontier toward SDGs Society

Times shown in Japan Standard Time
1st day 13:00-16:40 Thursday, December 15 Venue: Online
2nd day 10:00-17:40 Friday, December 16 Venue: Online & INAMORI Hall
Registration: Free


1st day: Thursday, December 15

General Chairperson

Professor. Keiko SASAKI (Faculty of Engineering)
Associate Prof. Kuniyoshi SHIMIZU (Faculty of Agriculture)

Time Programs Style
13:00-13:10 10 min Opening Remarks from the President of Kyushu University
Introduction of Q-AOS
13:10-14:00 50 min Keynote Speech 1
14:00-14:50 50 min Keynote Speech 2
14:50-15:00 10 min Break
15:00-15:35 35 min Short Presentation
15:35-16:35 60 min General Discussions
16:35-16:40 5 min Closing Remarks

2nd day: Friday, December 16

General Chairperson

Morning Prof. Hideki SHIMADA (Faculty of Engineering)
Afternoon Associate Prof. Kohei OTA (Faculty of Agriculture)

Time Programs Style
10:00-10:10 10 min Opening Remarks Online
10:10-10:50 40 min Keynote Speech 3
10:50-11:05 15 min Break
11:05-11:45 40 min Keynote Speech 4
11:45-11:50 5 min Introduction of Group Session
11:50-13:00 70 min Break
13:00-14:20 80 min Group Session①
Resource Recycling
Group Session②
Sustainable Environment
Group Session③
Medicine and Health
14:20-14:30 10 min Break Online
14:30-15:10 40 min Keynote Speech 5
15:10-15:25 15 min Break
15:25-16:05 40 min Keynote Speech 6
16:05-16:15 15 min Introduction of Group Session / Break
16:15-17:35 80 min Group Session④
Security and Disaster Prevention
Group Session⑤
Cultural Variation
Group Session⑥
17:35-17:40 5 min Closing Remarks Online


1st day: Thursday, December 15SPEAKERS PDF

13:10-14:00 Development of separation technology to achieve both carbon net zero and resources circulation

Chiharu TOKORO

Waseda University/ The University of Tokyo

Resource recycling / Powder technologies / Chemical Engineering

14:00-14:50 Significance and challenges of biomass utilization for sustainable circulation of organic resources


Faculty of Engineering, Shinshu University
Project Professor

Forest Porducts Science / Biomass Science



Kyushu University
Associate Professor

Crop Science

Takanari OUCHI

The University of Tokyo

Energy / Resource circulation / Non-ferrous Metallurgy / Electrochemistry / Precious Metals / Rare Metals / Recycling

Scott Victor VALENTINE

Kyushu University
Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies

Regenerative Planning / Circular Economy

Katsuhiko TAKATA

Institute of Wood Technology,
Akita Prefectural University

Forest Genetics / Tree Breeding


Graduate School of Environmental Studies,
Tohoku University

Material flow analysis / Input Output analysis / Industrial Ecology / Sustainable resource management / Science for Science / Technology and Innovation Policy

2nd day: Friday, December 16SPEAKERS PDF

10:10-10:50 Resource exploration inside and outside the earth

Takeshi TSUJI

School of Engineering,
The University of Tokyo

Geophysical exploration / Space exploration / CCS / Geothermics / Earthquake / Volcano

11:05-11:45 ※The speaker has been changed due to the circumstances. Utilization and protection of biological/
genetic resources using the Nagoya Protocol

Daniel Robinson

School of Humanities & Languages,
The University of New South Wales

Human geography / Environmental science / Environmental law

14:30-15:10 Future Prospects of Eco-friendly Plastics
-Biodegradable Plastics and Biomass Plastics-

Tadahisa IWATA

Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences,
The University of Tokyo

Polymeric Material Science / Eco-Friendly Polymer Materials / Macromolecular Structure

15:25-16:05 Biotechnical processes for metal extraction and recovery from spent batteries and printed circuit boards

Anna Kaksonen

Industrial Biotechnology,
Group Leader

Mining biotechnology / Wastewater treatment and resource recovery / Circular economy

Group SessionPDF

  • Group Session1 Resource Recycling
    Toward Innovation in Aquatic Food Production Systems
  • Group Session2 Sustainable Environment
    Biodiversity and Genetic Resources for Future Sustainable Society
  • Group Session3 Medicine and Health
    Medicine and Health
  • Group Session4 Security and Disaster Prevention
    Disaster risk management and reconstruction, restoration of cultural assets
  • Group Session5 Cultural Variation
    History of Metals
  • Group Session6 Urban
    Global History of Iron


Until 12 PM on Tuesday, December 13th 2022



IQ Office, Kyushu University