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「写真:Wakako SATOMURA」

Researcher, Security and Disaster Prevention Cluster

- Specialty -
Sociology, Gender studies

Career Summary:

I was born in Aichi Prefecture. After being a housewife, I received a PhD degree in Social and Cultural Studies from Kyushu University in May 2017. After PhD graduation, together with a researcher at Kyushu University, I worked as a part-time lecturer at Kyushu University, Nakamura Gakuen University, and Fukuoka Prefectural University. I started this position in April 2022.


I am deeply involved in investigating how the boundary between paid and unpaid labor is transformed. I have been exploring the significance of women's laborious acts. My research has focused on women who make and sell handmade works and are called "Sakka-san," housewives who participate in community activities, and parents who run voluntary childcare centers. I researched domestic labor theory and care labor theory. In recent years, I expanded my field to include the issue of the uneven distribution of U.S. military bases in Okinawa and am researching social movements led by women, using the approaches of Gender Studies, Postcolonialism, and Social movement theory.

Relevant Countries in Asia & Oceania:

South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia

Committee roles and Outreach activities:

The Japan Sociological Society (JSS)
Japan Society of Family Sociology
Sociological Society of West Japan
Japan Sociological Association for Social Analysis


When I was 19 years old, I read Sosuke Mita's "Manazashino Jigoku (The Hell of the Gaze)" I was able to accept myself for the first time, that I had always felt excluded by society. Although I have been on a path that has never been straight, I found firsthand that learning is open to everyone. We, as a female, encounter social problems at various stages of life, such as marriage, childbirth, child-rearing, nursing care, etc., change. Science is public property. I would be happy if we could find the attraction of studies throughout our life together.

List of Selected Publications:

里村和歌子(2020)「「作家さん」の労働的行為 : 主婦のハンドメイドと公共/家内領域の境界をめぐって」『社会学評論』 70(4) 325-342.
里村和歌子(2018)「<研究ノート>主婦と地域活動 : オルタナティブ労働という概念をヒントに」『社会分析』 (45) 169-178.
里村和歌子(2015)「「作家さん」が示す「新たな主婦」の可能性 : 「生活者運動」論を手がかりにして」『地球社会統合科学研究』 (3) 15-26.
里村和歌子(2013)「『転勤族の妻たち』の現代的視座 : A県B市におけるインタビュー調査を中心に」『女性学年報』(34) 124-144.