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「写真:Tatsuya MISHIMA」

Assistant Professor, Sustainable Environment Cluster

- Specialty -
Entomology, Nutritional physiology, and Gut microbiota in insect

Career Summary:

2006-2010: Graduated from Department of Forest Science and Resources, College of Bioresource Sciences, Nihon University
2010-2012: Master/ in Bioresource Production Sciences, Graduate school of Bioresources Sciences, Nihon University
2012-2016: Ph.D. in Graduate school of Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University
2017-2021: Researcher, College of Bioresource Sciences, Nihon University
2016-2022: Postdoctoral fellow, Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University
2022-now: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University


I am studying the chemical analysis of food, the activity of digestive enzymes for the food and the microflora (especially the bacterial flora) and so on in xylophagous scarabaeoid beetles which are the main wood decomposers in the warm temperate zone. Through these studies, I hope to elucidate the nutrient intake patterns of the beetles and the role of the beetles and gut microbiota in wood decomposition and the carbon and nitrogen cycles of forest ecosystems.
In recent years, I have also been studying the bacterial flora of the beetles and their functions as basic research for the effective utilization of woody biomass.

Relevant Countries in Asia & Oceania:

Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia

Committee roles and Outreach activities:



In order to sustainably use forest ecosystem services, I think that it is necessary to consider the understanding and conservation of the biodiversity of forest-dwelling organisms that inhabit the area. I am particularly interested in the role of xylophagous scarabaeoid beetles in wood decomposition and the material cycle such as nutrients that form the basis of ecosystem services.

List of Selected Publications:

Mishima, T., Hosoya, T., Araya, K. & Kon, M. (2019): The white rotten log: A new microhabitat of Ceracupes arrowi (Coleoptera, Passalidae) observed in Taiwan. Elytra, Tokyo, New Series, 9(1): 41-45.
三島達也・土肥聖和(2019): 九重連山・前岳におけるツノクロツヤムシの記録. 鰓角通信,(38): 55-56.
三島達也(2018): 佐賀県鳥栖市九千部山におけるオニクワガタ名義タイプ亜種の記録. 鰓角通信,(36): 44.
三島達也(2018): クワガタムシの幼虫の栄養生理学-エネルギー源と窒素源獲得方法の解明-. 生物の科学 遺伝,72(4): 354-359.
三島達也・田中良尚・荒谷邦雄(2017): カブトムシ久米島亜種Trypoxylus dichotomus inchachinaの幼虫の生態に関する知見. Pulex, (96): 730-732.
三島達也(2017): クワガタムシ、カブトムシの栄養生理. 豊橋市自然史博物館, 豊橋市: 39-56.
三島達也・石綿深志・小田切顕一(2016): マダラクワガタAesalus asiaticus asiaticusを宮崎県日南市の照葉樹林帯で採集. Pulex, (95): 691-693.
Mishima, T. & Araya, K. (2016): Are the larvae of stag beetles xylophagous or mycophagous? -Analysis of polysaccharide digestive enzymatic systems of the larvae of Dorcus rectus-. Kogane, (18): 94-100.
Mishima, T., Wada, N., Iwata, R., Anzai, H., Hosoya, T. & Araya, K. (2016): Super-protective child rearing by Japanese bess beetle, Cylindrocaulus patalis: Adults provide their larvae with chewed and predigested wood. Insects, 7: 18.
Araya, K., Mishima, T. & Kon, M. (2013): Passalid beetles (Coleoptera, Passalidae) collected from Phnom Bokor National Park in southern Cambodia, with a new record of Leptaulax pacholatkoi Iwase from Cambodia. Kogane, (14): 143-147.
荒谷邦雄・三島達也(2012): ボルネオのクワガタムシ・クロツヤムシ相の概観. 昆虫と自然, 47(7): 11-14.