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「写真:Kun QIAN」

Associate Prof., Coordinator, Deputy Head of Social Cluster

- Specialty -
Psychology (Cognition/Experiment/Culture)

Career Summary:

2001-2005: Department of Letters, Qingdao University, China
2005-2012: Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University
2010-2012: Research Fellow DC2, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
2012-2014: Consultant, Abeam Consulting Ltd.
2014-2021: Assistant Professor, Institute of Decision Science for a Sustainable Society, Kyushu University
2021-2022: Lecture, Faculty of Humanities, Fukuoka University
2022-now: Associate Professor, Institute for Asian and Oceania Studies, Kyushu University


After the experience of studying experimental psychology as a post-graduate student, I studied fieldwork research methods in Southeast Asia, Finland, Japan, China, and other countries, and through field research and experiments in psychology, I am trying to elucidate the relationship between basic human psychological functions such as perception and cognition, and cultural environments and social conditions. In addition, I am trying to explore human mind and behavior in the context of the SDGs, the COVID-19 pandemic, and other major events of the time, and conducting research with an awareness of the problem of how psychology can be utilized to build a safe and happy society. Some of my ongoing research projects are as follows:
- Psychology and behavior change due to the COVID-19 pandemic
- Comparative studies on cognitive psychology
- Psychological studies related to food and eating behavior
- Experimental studies on visual illusion
- Study and activities on positive education and happiness

Relevant Countries in Asia & Oceania:

Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Korea, Singapore

Committee roles and Outreach activities:

The Japanese Psychological Association (International committee member)
Chinese Psychological Society
American Psychological Association
The Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology(Editoral committee member)
The Japanese Psychonomic Society
The Japanese Society of Social Psychology
The Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology


Now the world is at its historical turning point. The pandemic of COVID-19, the intensification of social discrimination and human rights movements, the international conflicts and the ongoing war in Ukraine, and other major events that have suddenly emerged in these years pose a big challenge to the achievement of the SDGs in 2030, and amplify the frequency, urgency and complexity of social problems occurring in a global scope. It is the human "mind (psychology)" that has created these problems and the society. Mutual respect for the human mind, formed in different cultures, is the first step toward solving these problems. I would like to watch from the perspective of psychology how the human mind and the various behaviors driven by the mind will change to adapt to the turbulent times.

List of Selected Publications:

Qian, K. (2022). Examining the impact of human face stimulus on shape-contrast effects during a brief presentation. Brain Sciences.12(7), 914, doi:10.3390/brainsci12070914
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