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Lee Jong-sung

「写真:Lee Jong-sung」

Researcher, Cultural Variation Cluster

- Specialty -
International Relations, Theories of International Relations

Career Summary:

Born in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. In 2002, in the hot atmosphere of FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan, there were some noises between ROK and US government, over the moving backward of U.S. Forces Korea to the south of the Korean peninsula. And it made me interested in what national relations are, and led me to proceed to graduate school. I came to Japan in 2011 and obtained a doctoral degree in 2018. I have been working as a part-time lecturer at Kyushu University, Kitakyushu City University, Fukuoka University, etc. Currently, I am working at the Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies as a researcher in April 2022.


Based on the historical approach of the international systems, I have been continuing the research of the theories of international relations, especially focused on the military alliances. In more detail, how the United States-centered unipolar system of international society is working to determine the relationship between Japan/US, ROK-US, and NATO-US, is my essential research theme. At the same time, I have been conducting analysis on international relations in the Asia-Oceania region on security, economic and environmental issues.

Relevant Countries in Asia & Oceania:

Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines

Committee roles and Outreach activities:



To the extent that human science and technology to date can elucidate, the only living thing in the universe's 13.8 billion-year history is the Earth where we live. From the perspective of the history of universe, I would like to observe the complex relations and movements of human beings and nations on Earth, which is called "Pale Blue Dot." As well as, from the perspective of "Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)," I am pursuing research to find out what is necessary for mankind to live peacefully on this planet.

List of Selected Publications:

Jongsung Lee, “Japan’s Response to Covid-19: Focusing on Japan’s Ad¬ministra¬tive and Political Systems Related to the International Society,” Seoul National University-Kyushu University Joint Symposium, at ZOOM(online meeting), Jun 2021.
「朴東亨、李鍾成、潘博星、Ettehadi Saeid Reza「日本と中国の遠洋海賊退治作戦の比較研究」韓国世宗研究所『國家戰略』第18巻第3号、2012年、35-60頁。(韓国語)
「南昌熙、李鍾成「北朝鮮の核とミサイルの威脅に対する日本の対応: パターンと展望」韓国世宗研究所『國家戰略』第17巻第2号、2010年、63-94頁。(韓国語)
Jongsung Lee, “A Comparative study on Korea-Japan PKO in the Global Comprehensive Security,” The 5th International Symposium, Keio University 21 COE-CCC, 2007, pp. 1-21.