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Kumar Bhatta

「写真:Kumar Bhatta」

Research Assistant Professor

- Specialty -
Tourism, agritourism, agricultural economics, developing countries

Career Summary:

2009-2012: Graduated from Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management, Public Youth Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
2016-2018: Master, Department of International Agricultural Development, Tokyo University of Agriculture
2018-2021: PhD, Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University
2019/8-2019/12: Research Assistant, Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University
2020-2021: JSPS Research Fellow (DC2), Chiba University
2021/4-2021/7: JSPS postdoctoral fellow, Tokyo University of Agriculture
2021/8-now: Researcher, Institute for Asian and Oceania Studies, Kyushu University


Agricultural economics, Agritourism, developing countries, rural development, tourism, tourism economics

Relevant Countries in Asia & Oceania:

India, Japan, Nepal

Committee roles and Outreach activities:

Japanese Society of Regional and Agricultural Development
The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan
The Association for Regional and Forestry Economics
Japan Academic Society of Tourism
Asia Pacific Tourism Association
The Japan Society for Interdisciplinary Tourism Studies

List of Selected Publications:

Papers Michał Roman, Robert Kosiński, Kumar Bhatta, Arkadiusz Niedziółka and Andrzej Krasnodębski (2022). Virtual and Space Tourism as New Trends in Travelling at the Time of the COVID‐19 Pandemic. Sustainability, 14, 628.
Michal Roman, Kumar Bhatta Monika Roman and Prakash Gautam (2021). Socio-economic factors influencing travel decision-making of Poles and Nepalis during COVID-19 pandemic. Sustainability, 13(20):11468, 1-16.
Ruying Wang, Kumar Bhatta and Yasuo Ohe (2021). Evaluating rural tourism operators’ satisfaction: evidence from Taining, Fujian province, China. 総合観光研究、19,1-9.
Prakash Gautam and Kumar Bhatta (2020). Medical tourism in India: Possibilitie and problems of alternative medical treatment. International Journal of Health Management and Tourism, 5(3), 181-207.
Kumar Bhatta and Yasuo Ohe (2020). A review of quantitative studies in agritourism: the implications for developing countries. Tourism and Hospitality, 1(1), 23-40.
Kumar Bhatta, Yasuo Ohe and Adriano Ciani (2020). Which human resources are important for turning agritourism potential into reality? SWOT analysis in rural Nepal, Agriculture, 10, (197).
Kumar Bhatta (2020). What is agritourism in Nepal? Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Education, 4, 170-178.
Kumar Bhatta (2019). Prospects of multifunctionality in Nepalese agriculture: the agritourism perspectives. Journal Tourism & Adventure, 2(1), 108-118.
Kumar Bhatta and Yasuo Ohe (2019). Farmers’ willingness to establish community-based agritourism: evidence from Phikuri village, Nepal. International Journal of Tourism Sciences, 19 (2), 128-144.
Kumar Bhatta, Keishiro Itagaki, and Yasuo Ohe (2019). Determinant factors of farmers’ willingness to start agritourism in rural Nepal. Open Agriculture, 4, 431-445.
Kumar Bhatta, Adriano Ciani, and Guna Raj Bhatta (2018). Know, manage and promote the territory to stimulate the growing of sustainable tourism for development: the case study of Nepal. Tourism Knowledge: A Contribution to Sustainable Development, Escola University Formatic Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, 11-24, ISBN: 978-84-697-4795-7.
Kumar Bhatta and Adriano Ciani (2019). Multifunctionality, a strategic pillar for agriculture in developing countries: an evidence from Nepal. Proceedings of the International Scientific Agricultural Symposium “Agrosym 2019”, 1793-1799.
Adriano Ciani, Meri Khvedelidge, Kumar Bhatta and Annalisa Gambardella (2017). Sustainable tourism and rural areas development: the case study of municipality of Sachkhere in Georgia. Book of Proceedings, VII International Scientific Agriculture Symposium, 2333-2339.