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Fumihiko YOKOTA

「写真:Fumihiko YOKOTA」

Associate Prof., Research Promotion Coordinator

- Specialty -
Research Area:Public Health, Epidemiology, Global Health

Career Summary:

In 1996, I met Mather Teresa in Calcutta, India. My two-month volunteer experience at Mother Teresa’s House paved my way to pursue an area of public health and development. I received a master of public health from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2001, and a PhD in tropical medicine and public health from Tulane University, Louisiana in 2007. Since then, I have been an epidemiology consultant at the Asian Development Bank and involved in national HIV / AIDS prevention projects in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea at the Clinton Foundation (international NGO). In 2015, I joined in Kyushu University, the Institute of Decision Science for a Sustainable Society as a lecturer. Currently I worked at Kyushu University, the Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies as an associate professor.


I have involved in infectious disease prevention research including testing, diagnosis and treatment services for vulnerable groups (immigrants, homosexuals, transgenders, sex workers) who are at higher risk of HIV transmission in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (PNG). Using a network sampling method called Responding Driven Sampling (RDS), we have recruited, interviewed and tested these “Hard-to-Reach Populations” (N>1,000) for HIV/sexually transmitted disease. The analysis results were incorporated into the HIV/AIDS prevention policy of the Ministry of Health in Indonesia. In PNG, I have integrated and analyzed HIV/AIDS patient data (passive survey data) from more than 100 hospitals and clinics in all 21 states for pregnant women, sexually-transmitted diseases (STD), and tuberculosis patients, as well as active surveillance data led by the Ministry of Health. I produced the 2007-2010 National HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report and engaged in policy recommendations for infectious disease prevention. At Kyushu University, I engaged in a trans-disciplinary research to investigate the effect of online telemedicine and empirical research to prevent lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension and COVID-19 in anticipation of the aging of Asian countries as a whole. As one of the trans-disciplinary research members consisting of clinical, public health, ICT, biotechnology, nursing, and sociology, from a field-oriented and bottom-up perspective, I have a strong interest in Public-Private Partnership, SDGs, problem-solving research.

Relevant Countries in Asia & Oceania:

India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Papua New Guinea

Committee roles and Outreach activities:

Japan Association for Medical Informatics (JAMI), Gerontology Society of America (GSA), Japan Association for International Health (JAIH), International Social Science Council (ISSC), American Public Health Association (APHA)


My seven- and five-years old sons, my wife and I all love Itoshima and Fukuoka. I have visited more than 50 countries in the world, and I am grateful for being surrounded by such a wonderful environment and wonderful people. I cherish the once-in-a-lifetime experience, and as a member of the Q-AOS team, I hope that I can serve and contribute as much as possible with Kyushu University and global society at large.

List of Selected Publications:

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