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「写真:Akira HARATA」

Deputy Director General, Senior Vice President

- Specialty -
Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Applied Laser Spectroscopy

AH was born in Nagano prefecture, and took Dr. of engineering at the university of Tokyo in 1990 for industrial analytical chemistry. Since May 1997, AH has been engaged Research and education mainly in the Chikushi campus, Kyushu university. AH committed as mainly education-responsible positions of a variety of MEXT-supporting program for improving graduate school education (Initiatives for Attractive Education in Graduate Schools from 2005 to 2007, Global COE project from 2008 to 2013, Program for Leading Graduate Schools from 2012, and the other global education projects). AH made a great contribution for reorganization of Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences as well as the faculty of Engineering Sciences, and is currently Senior Vice President of Kyushu University for Q-AOS, SHEAR, and Chikushi campus affairs.

Career Summary:

1985 Bachelor of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
1987 Master of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
1990 Doctor of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
1990 Postdoctoral researcher of the Japan Society for the promotion Science
1990 Research associate, The University of Tokyo
1997 Associate professor, Kyushu University (Fukuoka, Japan)
2003 Professor, Kyushu University
2012 Director, Green Asia Education Center (~2015.3)
2015 Dean, Faculty of Engineering Sciences (~2019.3)
2015 Dean, Faculty of Engineering Sciences (~2019.3)
2020- Director of Research Center for Synchrotron Light Applications
2020- Senior Vice President (Q-AOS, SHARE, Chikushi campus)


AH has been engaged research topics listed below.

・Laser-based analytical chemistry for ultrasensitive detection of environmentally and biologically important chemical species in a liquid phases.
・Ultrasensitive detection of non-luminescent molecules in solutions by photoacoustic and thermal lensing methods.
・Study of molecules on water by using nonlinear laser spectroscopy (second harmonic generation & multiphoton ionization), and by using synchrotron radiation.
・Cell diagnostics with a laser fluorescence and photothermal microscopy.
・Quantitative nondestructive evaluation and depth profiling of materials
Keywords: analytical molecular spectroscopy, laser chemistry, nonlinear spectroscopy, photothermal, single molecule detection, interfacial nanoenvironment, molecules on water, X-ray-ultraviolet correlation spectroscopy, and photochemical water-cleaning.

Relevant Countries in Asia & Oceania:

Australia, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand

Committee roles and Outreach activities:

List of Selected Publications:

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