Q-AOS Projects

The mission of Q-AOS is to promote the trans-disciplinary research related to SDGs targeting Asia and Oceanian region. This page introduces the flagship projects initiated by the faculty members of Q-AOS.

Corporate Strategy Development for the Circular Economy

「サムネイル画像:Corporate Strategy Development for the Circular Economy」

Scott VALENTINE (Professor, Q-AOS)

Short Description

Globally, nations are scaling up exploratory efforts to establish resource optimized circular economies to replace wasteful linear economies. These efforts require understanding of systems optimization, design thinking, contextual sensitivities, and high levels of collaboration. In order to foster the transition, widespread change will be needed to infrastructure, purchasing policies, corporate strategy, waste management systems and consumer behavior. This project aims to leverage Prof. Valentine`s global work with corporate CE strategy development to promote capacity building in CE strategy development in Japanese corporations.

Figure 1: Overview of the Circular Economy