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This page introduces the activities between Kyushu University and major 13 countries and regions in Asia and Oceanian region. Please refer to the Asia and Oceania Database for more details.
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Taiwan Studies Project

「サムネイル画像:Taiwan Studies Project」

Short Description:

The Kyushu University Taiwan Studies Project is one of three such programs in Japan. It is supported by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education and run in cooperation with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Fukuoka.
It is hosted by the Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies (Department of Education), which manages the program on behalf of Kyushu University.
It was formally established in October 2017, when a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the President of Kyushu University and the Director (Consul General) of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Fukuoka.
The program’s goal is to promote interest in and knowledge of Taiwan amongst our own students and faculty, as well as more widely across Western Japan.
We also aim to encourage promising young scholars to consider careers researching Taiwan’s history, politics, society and culture.

Our activities include:

- Regular interdisciplinary Taiwan-focused classes
- Invited short courses delivered by Taiwan specialists in various fields
- An annual symposium, Taiwan Today (open also to the general public), which introduces various aspects of contemporary Taiwan
- An annual Taiwan field trip for students (organised in collaboration with The University of Tokyo’s Trilingual Program)
- Intensive language study in Taiwan (offered through the International Students Centre)
- Occasional film screenings, workshops and conferences.

The project’s funding from Taiwan’s Ministry of Education was renewed in October 2020 for a second three-year term.

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