Projects by Country

This page introduces the activities between Kyushu University and major 13 countries and regions in Asia and Oceanian region. Please refer to the Asia and Oceania Database for more details.
* Name of each country/region follows the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan. They are listed by alphabetical order.



Kyushu University and 3 Indian universities, and one Indian research center have a bilateral agreement for the research activities. Specifically, the Indian Institute of Technology in three locations, Guwahati, Dehli, and Mandi, and the Institute of Plasma Research, have a collaborative research agreement with Kyushu University. This information shows that the collaborative research between Kyushu University and Indian universities focuses only on the technological and medical fields. However, many other researchers are conducting individual research in India in different areas such as agriculture, engineering, chemistry, etc. India is a big country, and the Indian economy is also snowballing, which facilitates to perform collaborative research. Thus, the scholars from Kyushu university also have opportunity to collaborate in different project.

Name of University Related Researchers in KYUSHU UNIVERSITY
Indian institute of Technology Guwahati
Indian Institute of Technology, Dehli
Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi
Institute of Plasma Research