The 2nd Asian Natural Product Conference(Resource Recycling Cluster)

Event Report

On September 4th, 2020, Assoc.Prof. Kuniyoshi Shimizu, who is the chief of Functional Natural Products Module in Resource Recycling Cluster, organized “The 2nd Asian Natural Product Conference”.
In this conference, a total of 31 participants from universities, research institutes, and the general industry from 13 institutions in Indonesia, China, Singapore, India, Nepal, Vietnam, and Japan participated in the second international report on functional elucidation research using Asian natural materials.
A wide range of topics was presented, including herbal medicines, cosmetics, food products, supplements, environment, and culture. The latest findings from a wide range of academic disciplines, from basic research on natural product functions to regional and product commercialization, were shared. By the end of the meeting, there were lively exchanges of ideas for future joint research using natural products with / post-COVID-19. In addition, this conference was held as part of Kyusyu University Asia Week and some members of the Medicine and Health Cluster(Q-AOS) supported holding it online.

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●The 1st Asian Natural Product Conference Program (PDF) :https://www.anpc.jp/pdf/2ndANPC.pdf
●Asian Natural Products Conference’s Website:https://www.anpc.jp/index.html

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Date 2020/9/04  ~ 2020/9/04