The Hedge vol. 3 When Employees Decide to Change Jobs (Information Module)

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The theme of the Hedge vol.3 is "When Employees Decide to Change Jobs".
When do people decide to change jobs?
When they lose job satisfaction?
When other conditions are no longer compatible?
People receive a variety of rewards through their work, including money, stability, social status, a sense of growth, and interpersonal relationships. We would like to consider the conditions for deciding to change jobs in relation to these rewards.
The lecturer will be delivered by Dr. Junichi Igawa (Tohoku Gakuin University), a specialist in industrial psychology.


Date 2022/6/30  ~ 2022/6/30 
Date & Time June 30, 19:00 - 20:00 (JST)
Venue Zoom
Admission Fee Free
Contact Toru OGA(Faculty of Law)


Junichi Igawa (Associate Professor, College of Liberal Arts, Tohoku Gakuin University)

He completed his Ph.D. in Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University and started his research as a working graduate student.
After working at the Faculty of Economics, Oita University, he has been in his current position since this spring.
He specializes in industrial and organizational psychology. His research interests include burnout syndrome and employee mental health.


There is a big hurdle between losing job satisfaction and actually quitting. When do people decide to change jobs? This presentation will introduce research focusing on the various rewards (money, stability, social status, sense of growth, and interpersonal relationships) that employees obtain through their work. Based on three years of panel data on caregivers, we will also consider the difference between changing the job title itself and changing the workplace while keeping the same job title.


19:00-19:05 Opening
Kota Nozaki (President, Srust Co., Ltd.)
Tetsu Oga (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Law, Kyushu University)

19:05-19:35 Presentation
Junichi Igawa (Associate Professor, College of Liberal Arts, Tohoku Gakuin University)

19:35 - 20:00 Q&A

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