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The Japan Association for the Advancement of Science (JAAS) will hold its kick-off symposium. Among the sessions will be a session on "The International Political Economy of Energy.

As Russia's prolonged invasion of Ukraine continues, international political and economic developments concerning energy supply and demand are intensifying. In particular, some EU member countries have been dependent on Russia for fossil fuel energy supplies, including natural gas, so the impact of economic sanctions cannot be ignored. In addition, political factors are also at play, including resistance to nuclear power generation (de-nuclearization), desire to use renewable energy (decarbonization), and pursuit of energy security and divestment from Russia (anti-Russia), even if this means using their own coal. There is little likelihood that these three vectors of "nuclear power free," "decarbonization," and "anti-Russia" will intersect at a single point, and the focus is on how far member countries will be able to align themselves with the European Commission-led REPower EU. In this session, we will discuss the "International Political Economy of Energy" with experts in political science and economics, taking into account the developments after the Russian invasion of Ukraine -.


Date 2022/6/22 17:00 ~ 2022/6/22 19:00
Venue ZOOM(URL for participats will be sent after registration)
Admission Fee Free
Contact Toru Oga(Faculty of Law)

Toru Oga (Kyushu University)

Akira ICHIKAWA (Toyo University)

Kenji IWATA (Kyushu University)
Yuki Miyota (Hitotsubashi University)

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