The Hedge / First Round

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In a lecture, we will discuss the Russia-Ukraine issue that has been covered day and night.
Despite there being many daily analyses of the war situation, we will read the long-term perspective from the perspective of Russian studies, EU studies, US studies, and Japanese studies. Discussion topics include: why was this war triggered? When will it end? How does this affect the political economy of other countries? With the insights of various experts who have digested countless pieces of information, we will take a fresh approach to these issues that has not yet been discussed in the newspaper reports.


Date 2022/4/27  ~ 2022/4/27 

19:00-19:05 Opening
Toru Oga, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Kyushu University 
Kota Nozaki, Representative Director, Srust Co.

19:05-19:25 Seminar
Takeyuki Hasegawa, The National Institute for Defense Studies, Ministry of Defense (Researcher, U.S.-European-Russian Studies Office, Regional Studies Department)

19:25 - 20:10 Discussion
Akira Ichikawa, Professor, Faculty of International Studies, Toyo University
Saho Matsumoto, Professor, College of International Relations, Nihon University
Beata Bochorodycz, Associate Professor, Institute of Oriental Studies, Adam Mitkiewicz University, Poland.

20:10 - 20:30 Q&A