Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies (Q-AOS) Brown Bag Seminar Series The 58th Seminar 「Evolution of Machine Translation and Language Education」

Brown Bag Seminar

アイキャッチ画像:Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies (Q-AOS) Brown Bag Seminar Series The 58th Seminar 「Evolution of Machine Translation and Language Education」

The Q-AOS Brown Bag Seminar Series are held every Wednesday lunch time from April 2021. The purpose of this webinar series is to provide opportunities not only to learn research related with SDGs in Asian and Oceanian regions and but also to expand your research network in different academic areas. The webinar is free, available in English and Japanese, and open to everyone! We hope you all come and join us!


Date 2022/7/20 12:10 ~ 2022/7/20 12:50
Style Zoom Webinar
Language Bilingual Japanese-English support (simultaneous interpretation)
Admission Fee Free
The maximum number for the webinar participants 500 people
Contact Person:Kyushu University Q-AOS Administrative Office
E-mail:aoevent★jimu.kyushu-u.ac.jp(Please change ★ to @)


With the advent of deep learning using neural networks, the accuracy of machine translation has improved dramatically. With the increasing number of readily available services such as Google T ranslate and DeepL, machine translation is increasingly becoming a part of our society. In this seminar , we will briefly review the development of machine translation and discuss what role it plays in language teaching and how it can be used effectively.


12:10 – 12:15 Introduction
Assoc. Prof. Fumihiko YOKOTA (Research Promotion Coordinator of Q-AOS)

12:15 – 12:40 "Evolution of Machine Translation and Language Education”

Associate Professor Satoru Uchida
(Department of Linguistic Environment, Faculty of Languages and Cultures, Kyushu University)

12:40 – 12:50  Q&A

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# 59

July 27,
12: 10-12: 50 (JST)

"Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and the Kyoto School of Philosophy: Mori Akira and the Four Layers of Personality”

Associate Professor Anton Sevilla-Liu
(Division for Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Science, Kyushu University)


# 60

August 3,
12: 10-12: 50 (JST)

"Drug development for orphan diseases through drug repositioning”

Mituru Arima
(Research Lecturer at Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR), Kyushu University Hospital)


# 61

August 10,
12: 10-12: 50 (JST)

"Agriculture and food production in global environment change”

Associate Professor Yushi Ishibashi
(Agricultural Bioresource Sciences, Department of Bioresource Sciences,
Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University)


# 62

August 24,
12: 10-12: 50 (JST)

"The psychology of entomophagy”

Associate Professor Kun QIAN
(Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies)


# 63

August 31,
12: 10-12: 50 (JST)

"Brain Diseases and Immune Response”

Associate ProfessorMinako ITO
(Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Kyushu University)