Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies (Q-AOS) Brown Bag Seminar Series The 50th Seminar 「International trends in electric vehicles and challenges for carbon neutrality」

Brown Bag Seminar

アイキャッチ画像:Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies (Q-AOS) Brown Bag Seminar Series The 50th Seminar 「International trends in electric vehicles and challenges for carbon neutrality」

The Q-AOS Brown Bag Seminar Series are held every Wednesday lunch time from April 2021. The purpose of this webinar series is to provide opportunities not only to learn research related with SDGs in Asian and Oceanian regions and but also to expand your research network in different academic areas. The webinar is free, available in English and Japanese, and open to everyone! We hope you all come and join us!


Date 2022/5/25 12:10 ~ 2022/5/25 12:50
Style Zoom Webinar
Language Bilingual Japanese-English support (simultaneous interpretation)
Admission Fee Free
The maximum number for the webinar participants 500 people
Contact Person:Kyushu University Q-AOS Administrative Office
E-mail:aoevent★jimu.kyushu-u.ac.jp(Please change ★ to @)


I will explain the trends in the international electric vehicle market and policies. During the COVID-19 Era, a rapid EV shift occurred mainly in Europe, and growth was also seen in China and Korea, which exceeded that of Japan. Japan was a technologically and market-leading country in electric and fuel cell vehicles but is currently being chased and overtaken. Decarbonization of electricity is important to achieve greenhouse gas reduction through the spread of electric vehicles. Unlike countries such as Norway and France, where decarbonized power sources exceed 90%, in Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Korea, the proportion of coal and LNG thermal power is still high, and the greenhouse gas reduction effect of electric vehicles is limited. This is an opportunity for everyone to exchange opinions on the outlook for the global EV shift while keeping in mind the latest situation and focusing on the social cost of automobiles.


12:10 – 12:15 Introduction
Professor Scott Valentine (Research Promotion Director, Q-AOS)

12:15 – 12:40  "International trends in electric vehicles and challenges for carbon neutrality"
 Professor Kentaro YOSHIDA (Platform of Inter/Transdisciplinary Energy Research)

12:40 – 12:50  Q&A

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"Meaningful participation of youth in the field of water and marine environment and multigenerational collaboration in Japan and international situation”

Associate Professor Satoquo SEINO
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"Effects of Pre-Cooling on Physiological Responses and Mental Task Performance in a Hot Environment”

 Professor Takafumi MAEDA
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June 15,
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"Challenges of Learning Analytics for Data-driven Education”

ProfessorAtsushi SHIMADA
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Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University)


# 54

June 22,
12: 10-12: 50 (JST)

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