Online Seminar at Kyushu University, Asia Week 2020, "Portable Health Clinic for covid-19 and non-communicable diseases prevention in Asia" held by Q-AOS Medicine & Health Cluster, PHC Module

Asia Week

アイキャッチ画像:Online Seminar at Kyushu University, Asia Week 2020,


Date 2020/9/02  ~ 2020/9/03 

PHC module members at Medicine and Health Cluster in Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies (Q-AOS) held the online seminar on September 11th, 2020. This event was supported by Kyushu University Hospital, Telemedicine Development Center of Asia (TEMDEC) and Medical Information Center (MIC). The main purpose was to share information and knowledge on remote online healthcare services called "Portable Health Clinic (PHC)" in post-COVID-19 era with our research partners in Asia. PHC is an online e-health service system that allows mobile health check-ups and tele-medicine services in remote rural areas which was developed by Kyushu University and Grameen Communications, Bangladesh in 2010 as a joint collaboration research. Guest speakers from 6 different Asian countries from Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand presented on their current online healthcare situations during the COVID-19. Prof. Naoki Nakashima and Dr. Ashir Ahmed from Kyushu University, Japan showed and explained about newly re-designed PHC website, videos and application translated in 9 different languages in Japanese, English, Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, Urdu, and Chinese. At the end of this seminar, we agreed to take action and move forward to stronger collaborative PHC research activities. Details about "Portable Health Clinic(PHC)": Please Click here.  

Presenters at PHC online seminar