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Resource Recycling Cluster

  • 12:Responsible consumption, production
  • 7:Affordable and clean energy
  • 9:Industry, innovation, infrastructure

We are aiming to establish resource recycling and sustainable environment society systems. Our research activities are as follows;

To make an innovation of the technology to recover valuable metals from E-wastes and refractory ores by using biotechnologies.
To develop technologies to separate valuable metals from avoided elements in unused metals, and to immobilize avoided elements.
For sustainable mineral and fuel resources development in later developed ASEAN countries, to establish the infrastructure maintenance, to prevent disaster, to suggest policy about resource, and to develop mining system.
To search for functions based on Asian natural materials/information(such as plants, microorganisms, insects, agricultural/forestry/animal/fishery products, minerals, forklore and biodiversity) and to utilize them practically in society.

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