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Medicine and Health Cluster

  • 3:Good health and well-being
  • 4:Quality education
  • 10:Reduced inequalities

Against the backdrop of the sweeping processes of population ageing, urbanization and globalization affecting Asia and Oceania today and for the coming decades, this cluster engages in cutting-edge research and education to address persistent regional disparities in access to quality medical services and healthcare and in maintaining socio-economic wellbeing in later life. This cluster pursues this mission in collaboration with, and on behalf of, diverse stakeholders by:

Sharing the latest knowledge and experience in medicine and healthcare in a time- and cost-efficient manner by utilizing state-of-the-art telecommunication technologies;
Promoting preventive medicine that utilizes the latest ICT and versatile medical sensors in order to help reduce health disparities resulting particularly from a physician shortage; and
Conducting multi-disciplinary research on social structural factors affecting health, wellbeing and welfare to contribute to both academic literature and to policymaking at regional and national levels.

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