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Biomolecule Module

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  • As temperatures change globally, crops currently grown near the equator may be grown in areas far from the equator in the near future. Agricultural plants that have their origin in the equatorial region will then be grown in in day-length environments novel to them. There is a need for basic research on how well tropical plants can cope with seasonal changes in day length and which genes should be focused on to produce varieties that are tolerant to seasonal change in day length. Our cluster will focus on circadian clock genes, which are thought to have evolved differently to adapt to different day-length environments, to clarify the mechanisms of adaptation to day-length environments through interspecific comparisons.

Module Leader

「写真:Motohide SEKI」

Motohide SEKI

Faculty of Design

- Specialty -
mathematical / statistical modelling

Module Members

Faculty of Science
Hiroshi ITO
Faculty of Design
Kentaro Yamamoto
Faculty of Human-Environment Studies
Junko Kusumi
Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies
Faculty of Design