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3ZERO Module

Mission & Vision of Modules

  • SDGs are set to achieve by 2030. COVID-19 alerts us to prioritize goals that need immediate attentions. Unemployment issue, wealth concentration issue, climate issue became more visible. The young generation will face a big employment security. They will need to be more innovative to protect their jobs from Intelligent robots. The power of AI should not be designed, controlled by a handful number of people. The module will promote action oriented research to achieve 3ZEROs (ZERO Unemployment due to unfair usage of AI, ZERO Poverty due to wealth concentraion, ZERO net CO2 Emission). The module will engage young populaiton from asian countries to ideate, create and lead with their entrepreneurial spirit to solve the most pressing social and environmental issues of our time.

Module Leader

「写真:Ashir Ahmed」

Ashir Ahmed

Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

- Specialty -
Information and Communication Technology, Social Business, Remote Healthcare, Emerging Country DX, Healthcare BigData

Module Members

Faiz Shah
Yunus Centre at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
Rafi Uddin Ahmed
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Shazeeb M Khairul Islam
3ZERO Global Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Forhad Hossain
Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering
Nuren Abedin
Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Centre
Okada Masaharu
Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Centre
Mark Shen
Center for Media and Social Impact at National Central University