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Security Issue Module

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  • In contemporary East and Southeast Asia, we face several security issues. These security issues are non-traditional security issues such as infectious diseases, trans-national crimes, and traffic in person; enhancing surveillance by states and societies utilizing advanced information technologies; political, economic, and social instabilities caused by rapid demographic changes, urbanizations, inequalities, poverties, environmental destructions, and so on. This module reveals the current conditions of these threats at the grassroots levels through the political, regional, social, historical, and linguistic approaches and tries to find a way to solve or mitigate the negative impacts of these threats with local peoples.

Cluster & Module Leader

「写真:Takeshi ONIMARU」


Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

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Political History, Comparative Area Studies

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Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies
Faculty of Language and Cultures
Geerhardt Kornatwski
Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies