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Sustainable Aqua-food Science Module

Mission & Vision of Modules

  • Fisheries and aquaculture are culturally embedded into asia-oceania people and society. We, through this module, will be engaged in multilateral collaborative research and development, and community scale implementations programme across various stakeholders in asia-oceania region for steady and sustainable socio-economic upliftment of this area. We will actively participate in sustainable aquaculture production, global warming and other climate responsive fishery resource management, aquatic production environment conservation, marine pollution and red tide management, effective utilization of unused biological resources, new biotechnology-based breeding, nursery raising, disease control and profitable aquatics activities. We will also involve in research and technological development on sustainable biological production and utilization in the aquatic environment, including the discovery of seeds of fishery research and technology through surveying the trends of marine product consumption and evaluating the public acceptance of fisheries research and technology.

Module Leader

「写真:Kohei OHTA」

Kohei OHTA

Faculty of Agriculture

- Specialty -
Reproductive Biology

Module Members

Faculty of Agriculture
Yohei Shimasaki
Faculty of Agriculture
Tomonori Somamoto
Faculty of Agriculture
Akira Kurihara
Faculty of Agriculture
Yoshihisa Kurita
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture
Tomoharu Senjyu
Research Institute for Applied Mechanics