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Functional Natural Products Module

Mission & Vision of Modules

  • Multidisciplinary research on natural materials and related information (plants, microorganisms, insects, agriculture, forestry and livestock products, marine products, minerals, folklore information, biodiversity, etc.) in the Asia-Oceania region will be promoted. Through a series of efforts, we aim to create new technologies and new businesses (food, functional foods, cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries, living environment, functional materials, production methods and related fields) through industry-academia collaboration that will lead to the utilization of natural materials from Asia and Oceania from various perspectives, and aim for social implementation. Regularly hold online international conferences related to natural materials and related fields to build an international collaborative research network.

Module Leader

「写真:Kuniyoshi SHIMIZU」

Kuniyoshi SHIMIZU

Faculty of Agriculture

- Specialty -
Natural Products Bioorganic Chemistry

Module Members

Yoshinori KATAKURA
Faculty of Agriculture
Katsumi DOI
Faculty of Agriculture
Fukami Katsuya
Material Management Center
Masao SATO
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture