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Unmet Medical Needs Module

Mission & Vision of Modules

  • In order to meet unmet medical needs in the Asia-Oceania region, including neglected tropical diseases, we aim to bring new medical technologies from bench to bedside/daily lives and back by establishing a clinical research infrastructure and conducting high-quality clinical trials. We will fill the unmet needs with new treatments, and at the same time, incorporate local needs into the next clinical development. In addition, we comply with pharmaceutical regulatory requirements in each country, and our another goal is to create an environment for efficient international collaborative clinical studies with conducting regulatory science research on comparing the regulations among different countries.

Module Leader

「写真: Koji Todaka」

Koji Todaka

Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR), Kyushu University Hospital

- Specialty -
cardiology, cardiac ventricular mechanics, heart failure, clinical trial, regulatory science

Module Members

Mitsuru ARIMA
Kyushu University Hospital
Kyushu University Hospital
Kyushu University Hospital
Kyushu University Hospital
Center for Advanced Medical Open Innovation
Mituru ARIMA
Kyushu University Hospital