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Strategic Medical Design Module

Mission & Vision of Modules

  • Strategic Medical Design (SMD) Module is aiming at interdisciplinary education by integrating design and medical expertise and solutions for medical issues. Design thinking approach with non-designers (such as patients and medical staff) and designers for co-creation is the key activity, and the followings 3 points are the goals: 1.Interdisciplinary education by workshops and project-based education program 2.Design proposal and implementation 3.Methodology and strategy from patients and medical staff points of views

Module Leader

「写真:Yasuyuki HIRAI」

Yasuyuki HIRAI

Faculty of Design

- Specialty -
Inclusive Design, Design Thinking、Office Design,Interior Product Design,Interior Design

Module Members

Faculty of Design
Ryoichi TAMURA
Faculty of Design
Naoshige AKITA
Faculty of Design
Faculty of Design
Kuriko Kudo
Kyushu University Hospital