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Cultural Heritage Module

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  • We will organize the research meeting about the relationship between the environmental change and the cultural relics with researchers from Archaeological Institute, Chinese Academy, China and from Institute of History and Language, Taiwan. In this this meeting, we will focus on the Yinxu urban site, 13th to 11th century BC in the Shang dynasty, which was the center of ancient civilization in East Asia. We are going to elucidate the rise and fall of ancient civilization related with the environmental change through this meeting. These discussions and research results should help solve the issues about the environmental change and SDGs of present days.

Cluster & Module Leader

「写真:Kazuo MIYAMOTO」


Faculty of Humanities

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East Asian Archaeology

Module Members

Seinosuke Ide
Faculty of Humanities
Schweizer Anton
Faculty of Humanities
Koji Mizoguchi
Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies
Yoshinori Iwasaki
Faculty of Humanities
Kashima Kaoru
Faculty of Science
Shiori Yonemoto
The University Museum
Faculty of Human-Environment Studies