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Faculty / ResearcherYuka YAMAGUSHI


  • Security and Disaster Prevention Cluster
  • Korean Studies, Japan Studies, Civil Society Theory, History of Social Movements

Career Summary:

2012-2016: Graduated from 21st Century Program, Kyushu University
2014-2015: Exchange student, Seoul National University, South Korea.
2016-2021: Master/Ph.D. in Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society, Kyushu University
2018-2021: Research Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(JSPS)
2021-now: Research Fellow, Institute for Asian and Oceania Studies, Kyushu University


I am interested in the historical and cultural practices of various people involved in postwar Japan and the Korean Peninsula and the expansion of transnational networks from historical and sociological perspectives. In my previous research, I focused on the activities of Korean historians in Japan since the 1970s regarding the “Cho-sen tsushinshi (Korean Envoys to Japan)” and examined the development and significance of historical research, civic movements, and historical commendation projects by the local government (Tsushima City, Shimonoseki City, Busan City, etc.) in Japan during the same period.

Recently, I am also involved in planning international exchange programs on the theme of history and culture, as well as proposing development policies for local governments because of interested in the use of “history” in the real world, as symbolized by the frameworks of “historical practice” and “public history”.

Relevant Countries in Asia & Oceania:

Japan, Korea

Committee roles and Outreach activities:

The Japan Society for Intercultural Studies

International Society for Korean Studies

Japan Association of Global Governance

Japanese Association for Contemporary Historical Studies



List of Selected Publications

  1. 山口祐香「歴史実践としての朝鮮通信使関連文化事業―韓国側の取り組みを中心に-」『インターカルチュラル』第17号、日本国際文化学会、2019年、103-119頁。
  2. 山口祐香「朝鮮通信使関連文化事業における越境する市民公共圏―「世界の記憶」登録推進事業をめぐる対立と協働」『グローバル・ガバナンス』第5号、グローバル・ガバナンス学会、2019年、103-129頁。
  3. 야마구치 유카「한일 지방도시간의 역사실천(歴史実践)과 시민공공권(市民公共圏)의 가능성-조선통신사관련문화사업을 사례로-」『인문사회과학연구』212호、부경대학교인문사회과학연구소、2020年、 pp.475-497.
  4. 山口祐香「<研究ノート>戦後在日朝鮮人の歴史実践と展示の可能性―辛基秀と「青丘文化ホール」の活動を手掛かりに―」『コリアン・スタディーズ』第8号、国際高麗学会、2020年、68-80頁。

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