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Ageing & Later Life Module

Module Head:Professor Masa HIGO/Kyushu University International Student Center

Professor Masa HIGO/ Kyushu University International Student Center


This fiscal year, while continuing to address issues related to ‘active ageing’ in the areas of retirement, pension, and elderly care, the Module Ageing & Later Life (ALL) will expand its research scope to the following three emerging social issues that need to be effectively addressed across Asia and Oceania in this time of both rapid population ageing and exponential advancement in ICT: (1) the advancement of ‘geriatric telemedicine’ (a.k.a., e-health for older people); (2) the coming of a ‘death-laden’ society (a.k.a., a post-super-ageing society); and (3) the legal and ethical issues of physician-assisted dying (PAD). For this purpose, the ALL will engage in (1) recruiting new module members who specialize in these fields of inquiry and (2) expanding its international networks with key non-academic stakeholders, including policymakers and communities of clinical doctors who are concerned with these fields in their daily working lives.

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