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Faculty / ResearcherAtsushi TANAKA

Atsushi TANAKA Academic Fellow

Atsushi TANAKA Academic Fellow
  • Cultural Variation Cluster
  • Japanese economic history, Japanese business history

Career Summary:

2011-2015: Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Kyushu University

2015-2017: Master(Economics), Kyushu University

2017-2021:,Doctoral Program in Economics, Kyushu University

2021-now:Academic Researcher, Institute for Asian and Oceania Studies, Kyushu University


From the perspective of what role local small and medium enterprise played in modern Japan, I conduct research using business history methods, mainly focusing on the brewing industry (soy sauce brewing, sake brewing, etc.). Recently, through the analysis of soy sauce brewers, I am also interested in the history of food culture formation from the perspective of how the origin of “food culture” in each region, which remains strong in modern Japan, was formed. I’m holding it. The historical formation process of the local food culture is one of the factors that allowed small and medium-sized brewers located in each region to continue their management without being eliminated in the competition with large companies. We are considering the possibility that it played an important role.

Relevant Countries in Asia & Oceania:

Korea, China, Eastern Russia

Committee roles and Outreach activities;

The Business History Society of Japan (BHSJ)

The Political Economy and Economic History Society

Kyushu Association of Economic Science





List of Selected Publications:

  1. 田中醇「明治期福岡における中小醤油醸造家の販路形成 −渡辺家を事例として−」『九州経済学会年報』第58集、2020年
  2. 田中醇「【書評】山口明日香[2015]『森林資源の環境経済史』慶應義塾大学出版会」『エネルギー史研究』九州大学記録資料館 産業経済資料部門編、第32号、pp.243-248、2017年

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